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IT, DevOps, and Web Development with 4 years of experience and resolving customers needs. Expert in troubleshooting, security, engineering, networking, and operating system software.

Possesses a Bachelor Degree in IT and Web Development. Creative Web Developer that can use graphic design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Mongo DB, Illustrator, Photoshop and 3d modeling.

Aaron Kern


Web Development/Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Mongo DB, troubleshooting, customer service, Ubuntu Server / LAMP, VMWare, KVM, Docker, DNS Servers, Mail Server, Windows, Mac, Linux, WordPress Development, management skills.

Professional Skills

IT and DevOps / Space Foundation / Colorado Springs, CO

  • Migrated websites unto an on-premise server and maintained the sites with the lead developer.
  • Worked with the head IT to help maintain the organization computers and the network
  • Used Help Desk, VMWare, Ubuntu Server, Linux, and the LAMP stack
  • Fixed hardware, software, and DevOps problems

Digital Marketing and SEO / SocialSEO / Colorado Springs, CO

  • Worked with Google AdWords, Analytics, Schema, and search engine optimization
  • Helped work on minor problems with WordPress and CPanel
  • Helped optimize content for websites in order to help with SEO
  • Worked on comparative analysis of clients websites as well as keyword analysis, structured data, duplicate content, and writing content.

Web Development Manager / Leaders Lunch / Denver, CO

  • Built WordPress websites for different aspects of the organization
  • Made logos and graphics for the websites with the Adobe Suite
  • Used project management in order to plan and implement the websites
  • Worked with WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL and other languages
  • Help design and create idea and implementation for a future mobile application

IT–Graphic Design–GIS–Data Entry / AX&P / Neodesha, KS. - Remote

  • Worked with Adobe Creative Suite and graphic design
  • Fixed the companies computers and did the IT work when needed
  • Consulted with the KCC and the EPA in order to keep the organizations licensing renewal
  • Designed my own maps and consulted with other oil companies
  • Did work with geographic information systems in the oil field and helped consult the main engineer
  • Consulted and used customer service to help clients of the company
  • Had to work on my own and make deadlines for each project

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